Otaki Players - At The Civic




Four very different women answer a flyer for 'The Pink Hammer Workshop' – a ladies-only woodwork class. They turn up expecting empowerment and sisterhood from the advertised tutor, Maggie Taylor….but when they arrive, Maggie’s gone AWOL. Maggie’s husband Woody certainly doesn’t want a bunch of crazy women playing with his tools, but he doesn’t have a choice! 

On Stage 21st - 30th May 2020

CAST LIST.   4 women, 1 man 

Annabel late 40s – 50s

Counsellor in private practice. She also runs the Dickens Book Club. Was an active feminist in the early 80’s.

Wants to build: a Victorian-style display cabinet for her complete works of Dickens. 

Louise 50s

A nurse. Moved home to care for her parents. Has many dark shadows in her life and is easily spooked.

Wants to build: a small house one day. 

Helen late 50s - 60

Prefers horses to people. She has two grown-up sons to different fathers, both ofwhom were jockeys. She never married.

Wants to build: a coffin.

Siobhan 30 – 40s

Irish. Sings. Lives with her cousin. Works at the local vet clinic and is in love with Martin, a vet, who has extraordinary hands but is married.

Wants to build: a luxury dog kennel to snugly house Martin’s labradoodle. 

Woody 30 – 40s 

A carpenter recently made redundant. Married for four years to Maggie. Woody may know about tools but to him empowerment sounds like something you plug into a wall socket.

Wants to build: a way to get these bloody women out of his workshop.