Otaki Players - At The Civic


Theatre Hire


Hire contract

The hirer's contract must be signed by a person 18 years of age and over and returned to the Otaki Players

Hire charges and payments

All payments must be paid prior to the hire period


A refundable bond of $200 may be required for bookings. 

Deductions from the bond may occur if:

·       Venue, equipment or fittings are damaged

·       Extra cleaning is required

·       Rubbish is left inside and/or outside the venue

Otherwise the bond will be returned in full within 30 working days of the date of the function.  If additional charges are incurred the refunding of the bond may be delayed.

Right of refusal to hire

The Otaki Players may, at its discretion, refuse any application for hire and may cancel any booking without assigning a reason.  In each case all monies paid will be returned in full.

Access to venues

We will provide access to the Civic Theatre for the booking period.

Cleaning and rubbish removal

·         Hirers are responsible for cleaning the venue

·         Basic floor cleaning equipment is provided ( In the ticket office cupboard)

·         Hirers must supply dishwashing materials and tea towels

·         Chairs and tables must be cleaned and returned to their original location

·         The cleaning of the venue is to be completed within the booked period

·         Hirers must remove all rubbish from the venue after their hire.

Setting up and dismantling

Assistance with setting up, dismantling and cleaning of the facility can be supplied by the Otaki Players.  The additional cost of these services may be added to the hire charge.

Hours of use

Hirers may not enter the Civic Theatre until the time booked and all functions must end at the completion of the booked period.  The booking period must include setting up, dismantling, and cleaning of the venue. 


X     No staples or nails may be used to attach decorations,

X     No naked flames, If a fire alarm is set off by the user of these items then a charge will be incurred.


The hirer is responsible for securing the facility upon completion of the function.  Please ensure:

·         All lights, heaters, stoves and electrical appliances are turned off

·         Windows and doors are closed and locked

.  If there is a security call out during the hire period an additional cost for this service may be added to the hire charge.

Liquor licence

 Liquor can be sold with a Special Licence from the Liquor Licensing Agency

Loss or damage

The Otaki Players accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any property of the hirer or any guest or invitee's property which may be brought to the venue, whether within or outside the premises,

Performing rights copyright

The hirer will be responsible for any fees which might be claimed

Fire safety

Every hirer is required to be familiar with the procedure for evacuation of the facility in case of fire, and for following instructions of the appointed Fire Warden.  The appointed Fire Warden must ensure that all means of egress are checked during the hire period – once on entering the facility, and once during the course of the function.  In case of fire, evacuate the facility immediately then notify the Fire Brigade by phoning 111.